garrys mods server settings help

hi everyone im arron i made a Dedicated Server for garrys mod and thats running fine the question or help i need is how do i set settings like for e.g when someone leaves the server the server cleands there props,ragdolls ect How to i make the server greet users comeing into the server and a voteing thing where users can vote for a differnt map and game modes. and finaly how do i game addmin rights to myself on the server and my co-onwers in my Clan.

its my 1st time makeing a server ever so im a tottal noobs if anyone wood be gratefull to help answer these questions i wood be very gratefull

Thanks you all

Edit also i just rembered one final thing how do i get users to download the addons and maps thats are inside the server too

You require an admin mod, and prop protection. I personally use ULX+Ulib, and Assmod. Others use New-Admin and another I forget. For Prop Protection, I’d suggest SPP - Simple Prop Protection.

and how do i set that up is that easy or complix

How hard it is in this case is relative to your computer skills.
It just involves downloading, extracting and uploading to the server.

ah o.k sounds easy for me to do thanks