Garry's Murder Party!

Garry’s Murder Party

Garry’s Murder Party is a mix between The Ship and Murder!|268:268&composite-to%3D*%2C*|268%3A268&background-color=black

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Garry is holding a very spooky Halloween party tonight and only the most exclusive billionaires will be showing up. GabeN, your CIA contact, needs you to obtain an invite and complete a very important mission: eliminate Half-Life 3 investors!

You need to be careful though: Garry has hired “Top Notch” security guards! They have been banned on over 50 DarkRP servers for RDM and are not afraid to shoot to kill if they catch you with a weapon out.

How To Play

There are two different groups: Guests and Security.


Each guest always has a current target. Their mission is to roam the party looking for a good moment to assasinate their target while no one is looking. Once the target is dead, their next target is assigned. They need to be careful though: if a security guard catches them with a weapon out, they are authorized to kill them up to 15 seconds after they have put their weapon away.

If a guest shoots another guest who is not their current target, that guest will fail the current round and die. The exception is if the guest they shoot has them as a target and are trying to kill them.


Security roams the party and keep a lookout for any guests with a weapon out. If they see someone with one out, they are authorized to kill that guest up to 15 seconds after they put their weapon away.

Round Endings

The round will end when either 1 guest is left or time runs out.


Every target killed is 1 point. If a security guard kills a guest with a weapon out, they get 1 point. If a guest kills the wrong target, they lose 1 point.


Pressing F1 or !help will bring up the help menu. It gives the background for the game and the rules of play.


Overall points for each player is tracked. In the future, pressing F2 will bring up a list of the top 15 players by points.

Garry’s Murder Party Shop

Each kill will reward the player with $150. At the end of each round, all players who are alive at the end of each round will randomly get either $100 or 2 coins.

Pressing F4 will bring up the shop menu. Players can spend coins or money on two things: models or weapons. The player can buy / select their model or their primary firearm.

The main purpose of coins are for servers who want to provide “VIP” models or weapons and the user can buy these coins to bypass spending in-game money or to buy models or weapons that can’t be bought with in-game money.

Check Out The Code On GitHub

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