Garry's Nightmare is an idea by Pika Pika to recreate the old and add some new content.

Users can submit there community news,addons and maps true the submit button. It will be reviewed and posted within 2 days. In the near future contests will be also be available.

The team is currently:
Andreas (The guy from random songs maddens)
Pika Pika
Gordon Brown

We will do our best to make interesting news and get the news released fast, we will do our best to make fun events, contests. We will do our best to run the best garrysmod news site.

So go and submit your newest video,map,addon or somethin’ as long it is garrysmod related!

Oh good is getting a bit Cramped.



“So go and submit your newest video,map,addon or what as long it is garrysmod related!”


Lol dunno what i meant xD i fixed it.

I like how Spy’s Moonwalk has nothing to do with gmod, but you still put it there.

was a submitted news. deleted it. we keep it in because it was funny and at least was team fortress2. write your criticism
. We made that site for the community so we will change things if wanted. Also feel free to submit news if you want to.

Last time I went to a .tk website they took my steam info.

Uh… We’re working on a new website you know.

That doesn’t mean ALL .tk websites are Steam phishing sites.

Look at - the only thing you’ll find on there is a Wordpress blog (mine).

Unfortunately, some of the, ah, less intelligent among us won’t believe that.

The point is .tk is free so everybody can use it. Also makers of virus.
But since we have no virus and dont steal anything. Its the shortest ending we could get in time, so its fine.

Ah perfect. There better not be minecraft shit everywhere.

If these guys think they can do it better than your lot - then they should.

And so far they are :slight_smile:

Site design needs a bit of work.

yes we will work on it. Thanks for your critism

Wow… we should put this on our website as a quote. For some reason i think it’s awesome.

Ill try to get online by sunday.

Today, we’re moving to So if the iframes in the News Node break, garry should change the link to



I mean tomorrow.

Will do, thanks for the headup

That’s because these guys don’t waste 4 days mucking around and waiting for other people to finish mucking around - they just do it.

We order the domain/webserver the normal time for it to get online is 1-2 hours on workdays. It’s now sunday so i hope it will be online tonight if not it will be on monday early in the morning.

It looks good. :slight_smile: And by the looks of things you have Garrys support- which is even better.

Its good that we have a community site again, I do feel the urge that Garry should promote this site at least one so mod dev’s can pay attention to this site and post there mod/model/gamemode