[Garrys.org] xTremeStranded 24/7 [GMS]

Hey guys, I just started a server a few weeks ago, and Im in deeply need of dedicated players.
The server is 24/7 ofcourse, and its hosted in a datacenter in Norway.

What is GMStranded?
GMStranded is a gamemode. In this gamemode, you have to survive. You use your hands to get resources, then you create workbenches and create pickaxes, which makes you able to gain resources faster.
You have to drink, eat and sleep. Sleeping has to be done under something, like inside a cave or under a prop, orelse you will loose health.
The server has a level system, wich defines how fast you can do things, and how much you get. This also defines if you can make certain things.
At level 60 you gain a crow, which makes you able to fly around.

Have fun :slight_smile:

The server details:
Im constantly editing the GMS script to make it better. I also work alot to make the server more stable.
Our website is on an uniqe domain (garrys.org).
Thats basicly it.
If you want more info, go on when there is an admin :slight_smile:

This is quite simple!

[li]Open Garry’s Mod[/li][li]Select “Find Servers”[/li][li]Open the “Favorites” tab[/li][li]Hit “Add Server to favorites”[/li][li]Enter this IP:[/li][li]Hit “Add server to favorites”[/li][li]Join :)[/li][li]Have fun! Dont be a minge![/li][li]If you see other users minging, report them to us, DO NOT ATTACK THEM BACK![/li][li]The above rule can be ignored if the minge is inside your base.[/li][li]You can only call something your base if its totally closed off, no way to get in wihout cheating (except pidgin) If someone enters with Pidgin, ask them to leave, if they wont, kill them.[/li][li]You may not kill users that are not minging, but are inside youre base without a warning. Make sure they saw the warning and that they are not AFK.[/li][/ol]

Community Link: http://garrys.org (not sure if this is allowed tho)
Alternative way to connect:
Open console and enter:



  1. you can go into console and connect like that
  2. “Enter this IP: game.garrys.org” thats not an Ip address, your Ip address would be “”
  3. More information
  4. Pictures

all url’s point to an ip so the same goes for game.garrys.org it points to an ip.

The game.garrys.org isnt a domain name, its a HOST NAME, and with a DNS record (A) you can make it work as an IP adress. Yes, you can go in the console and connect, but wouldnt I want my users to have it in the favorites?

There isnt really more information to give… Ill give some info on the gamemode, and maybe some on the website.

Added screenies and more information

I love seeing guys like you maintaining a server and constantly modifying the script (it’s how I learned lua two years ago myself). I’ll be on later, sounds like fun.

I’ll try it soon…

Updates! Updates!

  1. Server has new IP -
  2. Website has a major update!
  3. Garrys Mod is updated
  4. We are hiring!