Garry's Party - a party game mode?

I’m a bit new to facepunch in general, but i’ve had this thought kicking around in my head for a while…did a search and I couldn’t find a similar thread

Would it be possible to code a game mode with a party kind of setting, something like mario party?

I’ve got loads of ideas for various modes, I’ll be honest though I have no idea if it is possible to code more that one thing.

for instance to have one game mode based on typing a certain word or sentence before anybody else to score points, after a certain time it moves onto the next game (set in a different part of the map?) which might be based on killing enemies for points, with who ever has the most points winning after a number of games chosen before hand by the players. I’ve got more ideas kicking around if this is actually possible…

but as i said i have no idea how possible this is…so…yeah just wanted to know, thanks

Sounds a bit like the Waiting Room in The Lounge, but then no one ever seems to use that anymore.

I have a gamemode like this in the works, has been delayed though due to a mapping issue…

ah, well i’m glad to hear that it is possible I look forward to playing it :slight_smile:

It’s always been in the back of my mind to write up a thread about this kind of an idea.
I had the idea in my mind before playing in the waiting room on The Lounge, too…

Shame i can’t code Lua… And i can’t be bothered learning another language

Influences would be things like the Mario Party minigames, Warioware games (but multiplayer), Naked Hero 3 and other titles.

Would be interesting to see yours, hunts :slight_smile:

Yea its called GMod Party, I would recommend checking out the Pulsar Effect website to find more info, it looks awesome.

I’m working on an arcade gamemode, with different arcade machines that you can walk up to, press ‘e’ and use. Maybe one could be a Mario Party style game :smiley:

EDIT: So far I close to done with Battle Pong
Started Pac Man
thinking about Tower Defense, 2D Platformer/Puzzle, RTS, new (ugh, we dont actually need more xD) RP, and maybe a flight simulator (possibly in space)?
EDITEDIT: Also a cool one called Hold The Base!

Mario Party in GMod? Sounds cool. With maybe HL2(or TF2, Portal, ect.) style minigames , this could possibly more common then Dark RP.

The only problem I see with this kind of gamemode is the mini-games. You’d need different map parts for every mini-game and making the environments different in every map part would be insanely difficult. Also, if one were to upgrade the gamemode with more mini-games, maps would have to be upgraded as well and servers and mappers would have a hard time keeping up, especially if the gamemode and maps were not parts of an SVN. And if one were to make every mini-game its own map, it would have problems with file size constraints and players with less-than-speedy internet connections.

There already was a server I played on that had this type of game mode. I will edit once I find out the IP.

You’re probably thinking of Garry Ware, it’s a fretta-based gamemode based off of WarioWare, usually can be found on the FP Fretta server (provided that people vote for it).

great bump

I spent like 10-15 minutes on something like this.

So you made a bot walk on a path made of control points as a test or did you start creating a gamemode?

Just the bot, I didn’t really do much with it.

I have played this and it is just like Mario party.
You wait in the middle for the minigame to finish, then it teleports you to the next minigame, if you win, you earn a Star which you trade in for PE cash

Kind of empty.