Garry's Prop Launcher not working (GLua)

*(I apologize if this is in the wrong place. If so, can someone direct me to the right page please?) *

    So I am new to GMOD Lua coding. I wanted to start simple and make an SWEP that launches watermelons. On the GMOD wiki, Garry made some code that is made to launch chairs. (  I changed the code so that it would shoot melons, but I just can't see where I went wrong in the code. This is what I have so far. Can someone help?

Post the code in a pastebin or in [noparse][lua][/lua][/noparse] tags. (The images don’t work as well)

Code errors:
Line 38: When you have a function that uses : instead of ., self is automatically passed as an invisible argument. When you have a function without :, using ., self will not be passed, causing an error.
Line 52: Case-sensitive
Line 56: Case-sensitive
Line 62: Typo
Also the code on line 8 is old; it’s now “SWEP.AdminOnly” (some things on that wiki are outdated, you’ll want to use the new wiki)
Also get in the habit of using viewmodel hands (with the use of c_ models instead of v_models) when making SWeps
Lastly, it might be how pastebin formats things but remember to indent your code if you haven’t been.

Thanks zerf, I can’t believe I missed those misspells. The SWEP should work fine now, thanks. :slight_smile: