Garry's Seagul?

So, I was playing singleplayer on gm_construct and was bord as hell because I’ve been working all day, and spammed a bunch of Civil Protection NPCs with stunsticks and had a crowbar fight with them. While running around then I saw a Seagul. I went over to the Seagul and as the asshole I am, killed it. About 30 seconds later I was atonished that I found a second Seagul. Once again I killed it, thinking I must have spawned it on accident. I watched as it fell dead in its own pile of white bird shit. And then about half an hour later. I saw a third one, so I thought to my self “What the fuck?” I then looked at my Undo menu and there was no NPC Seagul, whats going on? D:

That has always been there.

What, where?

Its a thing with gm_construct, Your gmod is not broken lol.

That’s been there forever.

Your reaction sure fits your avatar…

Hey…! I happen to use it as well, what are you implying on? :argh:

Theres a seagul?


Gm_construct spawns seagulls if you spawn a jeep.

OMG no… damn he figured it all out guys…

If you didn’t kill it you could probably watch it multiply :smiley:



I saw it too, I thought there was a ghost in my gmod :tinfoil:

I hate it when this happens.

There is no seagull***

My gmod is broken… I have no seagulls :saddowns:

I never noticed this before.
Maybe because jalopies more than the jeep now?

There is no seagull.

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