Garrysmod 11??

I have heard about gmod 11, and read it on some site! but is it true there will came a new gmod??

Garry’s Mod 11

No. Garry’s Mod is Garry’s Mod, Garry’s Mod 10, 11, 12 and anything else after that. It’s just Garry’s Mod.


. It’s JUST Garry’s Mod.

Okay, gmod is gmod :slight_smile: just somthing i heard :slight_smile:

Some people used to number major gmod updates, but lately stuff like gmod9 is called a demo compared to the 10th update.

So yeah you could say ther’ll be a gmod 11,12 and so on but garrysmod is garrysmod is just a major update number.


Thx, see what i mean :smiley: anyways its just a forum :wink:

Yes i know, im just telling him why it was called gmod 10 and stuff but it really is GarrysMod.

if every major update since launch added a number, we’d be past 20 already

why do people keep talking about this if he already got it?

Oh well that knocks me out of the debate then, i was almost certain i heard that major updates added to the version number of garrysmod.


A Gnome - why do people keep talking about this if he already got it?

jaanus was just trying to teach me a fact, lol.

Haha :slight_smile:

Major updates will improve the version number, it’s just that the number isn’t shown. Like when Steam updates, it doesn’t have Steam V.(number)


If we calculate all the versions, we could be at number 38 or something like that… So it’s still called Garry’s mod 10

That’s correct, but this number was a build, not a “real” version how we knew it from GMod x-9. You can retrieve this number by entering lua_run print(VERSION)