Garrysmod 13 - Q Menu theme, skin?


I read the whole internet about the gmod13 “Q/Spawn menu” skin, and only find the “GWEN”. How can i use the defaultsking.png, where do i copy this file? is it what i looking for?
So the question is: How can i change the menu/text colors or whatever? Any default setting lua/png or something like this? I think so many players want a new skin…
If someone know any solution, how we can modify the default theme, please answer!

Sorry for the the post, but i do not have privileges to search in the forum.

Yes it’s very funny… So anyone who can make impossible possible? :wink:


It’s awesome! But how it’s works?!

You can find skins in : materials/gwenskins/

The gmod 13 loaded the the new directory but doesnt working. So any idea, tutorial, samlple lua or something, how can i change the default menu colors in the Q menu?

There is no such folder.

Did you check the GCF?

I found two .png’s in materials/gwenskin


There’s also a Photoshop Document file in there too.

Nice, i modify and copy the DefaultSkin.png and the GModDefault.png (as the same as DefaultSkin.png) to the garrysmod\materials\gwenskin directory and nothing happend, just my gmod loading a little bit. So what now?


You can find the .gcf in your Steam\steamapps\ directory. You need a gcf extractor, like this one
Now you can open the “garrysmod content.gcf” and here will find the materials\gwenskin\ directory and you can extract and modify it.
Copy these modified files to your: Steam\steamapps"your acc"\garrysmod\garrysmod\materials\gwenskin

And now, nothing happend… here im.

Woah woah woah people. Lets start right from the begining here. Im lost, i cant even find materials/gwenskin in my garrysmod directory. I cant even find a GCF stated the post before last.

Im lost, can someone explain in plain english? How to personalise the Q menu, and what program is needed other than photoshop

Am i the only one, who cant find Garrysmod/materials/gwenskins on their computer.

I see, so nobody knows. Maybe once… as possible.

The .GCF is in your Steamapps folder. (The path should look something like “C:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps”)
And you would need this program to open it:
Note: You don’t put the edited texture back in the .GCF. That goes in your “steamapps/username/Garrysmod/materials/gwenskin” directory.

I think any picture editing program would work.

Awesome! No we can’t override gcf cache, because still have higher priority than local files. Thank you Garry. Maybe on the next patch…

Any news about color changing or something like this shit? This white/blue spawnmenu still burn my f… eyes!

You should request not having the defaultskin.png overridden in the development section. Also does setting it as read only solve it?

No, because gmod does not overwrite files, it just loads them directly from gcf cache.

it’ll overwrite backgrounds at least