Garrysmod 9.0.4 map pack

Garrysmod 9.0.4 map pack
These are the maps that come with garrysmod 9.
I tested them and they worked for me.

Installation instructions:
The map pack is in addon format so just put them in “<installdirectory>\Steam\steamapps&lt;yourname>\garrysmod\garrysmod\addons”

Download here:
VMF versions:
Gm_build_bridge texture error fix:

If you want to play the old gm_construct in gmod 10(11) you have to rename it to gm_construct_9 or something.

All credits go to TEAM GARRY!



Are you even sure any of these work?
Also, releasing your email adress isnt safe here.

Oke thanks yeah all of the maps worked for me exept gm_build_bridge but i dont have CSS so that could be the problem.
I dont care about that email addres i only use it for this kinda things XD

Nice, i will download soon

i dont mean to be a bother but who would want maps from this far back i mean cmon we have a better version of construct now and well all the newer maps are better anyway

Some old maps are far, far better than the shit we see today. RP maps show this well, some construct maps do too. The only real problem is the lack of newer textures and HDR.

I agree, especially with the whole RP thing. I may actually download this, even though I can get them myself, I’m a little lazy.

the birdpoo map was epic back in the day lol is that gamemode ever being remade for the new gmod?

maybe there is a way to port it to gmod 10(11)

would be awsome to see someone bring that gammode back again

I will give it a try.

That’s odd… I don’t have Gmod 9; but I found a folder in my program files directory titled “gmod9”.
Guess what was in the maps folder.

I discused it with a friend of mine. And the problem is, if you want that gamemode back you will have to rewrite it in the lua language of gmod 11.

Sorry for the bad spelling, I’m from the Netherlands.

hmmm only problem i have is i can’t write in the LUA language :C
but i do map but i keep most of them to my self or my server but still this gamemode would be awsome

Are there alot of differences between GMod 10/11 lua and GMod 9 lua?

btw Cool, also usefull for prophunt ^^

Okey, i lol’d.

But anyway, there should really be a way to port it to gmod.
Btw, garry already ported one of the gamemodes to garrysmod in gmod beta.