Garrysmod add-ons not working!

Hi when i install my gmod add-ons and put them in the add-ons folder and restart steam but when i got on gmod HTEY ARNT THERE!!! HELP PLEASE!

People like OP pisses me off.

He probably pirated anyway.

If the add-on contains a notepad file titled info, then it is a add-on and should be placed accordingly. If there is no info file, then you should click and drag all the folders into the garrysmod/garrysmod/(in here) and click yes to replacing all.
For maps however, unless in add-on format, just throw them in the maps folder.

Usually if it isnt in add-on format (no info file, remember) then there should be a readme, same type of file as a info one, but not labeled info. If it is a complex add-on, then the readme usually explains it.
For adv dupes, the files go in data/adv dupe/ public (or similar to that)

Hopefully this should help and that you will be able to see it for more than 10 seconds before your banned.