Garrysmod always redownloading files

Everytime I go on NoxiousNet zombie (and i think it would be the same for any servers) it redownload all the file for custom stuff… I got hl2/tf2/css/episode1,2 mounted… (I just started the download of those games and paused it and normally it works perfectly like right now

I cant always download all those files because i dont have unlimited download

That may be an error on the server’s part, they might not have FastDL configured correctly. Do you have any errors in game? If not, try putting cl_allowdownload 1 into console.

Well its noxiousnet, ive emailed JetBoom (The owner) and he said it was on garrys fault and it does that to every server you never downloaded stuff… ill try the console command tho

Could it be because i only have gmod and hl2 100% downloaded and rest is jsut paused so i can mount it? because it seems gmod download made the other games start at 50%+

I would reinstall Counter Strike: Source, Half-Life 2 (And any Episodes), and Garry’s Mod all together. Come back and tell us if that works.