Garrysmod auto close on startup

When I start up garrys mod trough steam just autocloses after 1-2 of loading screen (blue). Its not my computer because I already played before on maximum graphics, Already reinstalled, already verified cache, removed all addons, ran in windowed mode nothing worked what can I do ? someone help me I wanna play

Anyone help me?

-snip- Wrong thread.

Stop giving bullshit advices, it has nothing to do with dxlevel. In case you are on Windows 8 try the command “shutdown /r /t 0” for a clean restart without kernel restore.

Garry protected various files with Themida on Windows 8 it somehow gives a false positive on some of the processes which are detected as debugging tools.

In case this does not help try to get rid of things like Punkbuster, any garbage Anti Virus that you believe is super good, and any other services that could attempt to Inject/Hook things such as Teamviewer, iTunes services and so on.

-snip- Wrong thread, just go on the dev branch like he said.

code_gs , I already told its not my graphic card I ran it before in maximum graphics and I already tried that didnt work. (ty anyways)
Zeh matt I am on windows 7 64 bits (do you know any solution?)

Try the dev branch and tell me if it complains about monitoring software

Now it did

Thank you Zeh I ran in dev branch it did gave the error unistalled iobit malware fighter now it works thank you :slight_smile: