Garrysmod BETA aka Garrysmod SVN

I really hope this will be sticky in here
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Everyone who doesn’t already know, that there is a SVN version of garrysmod.
There you can get updates the very second garry commits them, and you don’t have to wait for VALVE.

You get all the updates right away. Garry constantly modifies the SVN, and if there is enough updates added, Garry will give Valve the orders to update via STEAM. So in mean time, that means you miss out so much goodies.

So… To get it, you need tortoise SVN

Then go to your sourcemod folder, create a folder called ‘garrysmod’, Right click and look for SVN Checkout

Checkout this link

Restart steam, and you will see 2 garrymod’s listed now, check which is which by starting game, and for example, place the Steam one in favorites.

That’s it. You now got the latest garrysmod via SVN.

And update is also simple, just right-click on garrysmod folder and select update.

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But that is the SUBVERSION section, I think this is quite appropriate and useful post.

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oh, ok. So… there i can only leave replies to the bot threads amrite?

But can you sticky this thread, because i haven’t really seen much tutorials on this.

Because it isn’t important. The beta is for developers to test their scripts, request features and piss Garry off by complaining about things not working before a update is delivered to the retail clients. You have literally no reason to be using the beta as a real game.

So… we should really keep the info to ourselves you say… but when for example there was an source engine update that broke the retail game, SVN was a great thing to have there.

I do agree, it can be useful to have the Beta around, and no you shouldn’t really keep the methods of obtaining it to yourself, the extra testers could come in handy as they may try using addons nobody else has tried yet. Plus it lets us non-developers see what changes Garry may make before he does.

But this doesn’t really need to be stickied, it isn’t influential enough or won’t provide a extremely useful amount of information to users.