Garrysmod Campaign

Welcome to Garrysmod Campaign Gamemode Tread

This gamemode focus on tactical misions and TeamWork

Its inspired from metal gear solid:Peace Walker and Rainbow Six Vegas 2

The gamemode has the following features

Player HQ
as soon you spawn you get your own room in the HeadQuarters
you can go to your room personalise it and you can also check your Equipment and stats
The HQ are divided on 3 zones
Mision Zone
Practice Zone
Shop Zone

in the mision zone you choose a mision to do from a list every mision is complety diferent and you may need the help of oter players to finish them

When you finish a mision you get 3 things


the xp only works to level up your character and get a higher rank with a higher rank you can buy better gear
With the xp you can also spent it on very very special equipment such as RPGS Perks Etc
but becarefull becouse you can lose you current rank if you spent too much XP

You can buy you current rank gear with money and then you can level up to unlock better one

Progress 20%
I have to create the panel for the misions
also add some weapons and player items
and show the ammount of XP that you get above a npc when you kill it

also Right now our 2 mappers are doing the first 2 misions available once the gamemode is released
1:Ravenholm:The Escape

Current Weapons/Equipment
Dual Skorpions
ACR Rifle
Commando Rifle
Chevlar Vest

Right now i need the help of

Lua Scripters
Derma Menu Designers

So, you’re the “ideas” guy?

i got a lot more ideas but this is what i would like to start first

Werewolf0020, you like many others before are seeking help for a project without any skills. Most programmers/designers/developers/etc. would not be willing to complete (for free) a majority of the project for you while you simply supply a rough concept.

In order to make a successful Gmod Lua project (or any project for that matter) acquire a skill that would contribute to the project other than imagination.

I am not dismissing your idea, in fact a Garrysmod campaign sounds somewhat enjoyable, but you will probably not succeed in this fashion. But still good luck in your future projects.

Sorry to bump the tread

but i got inventory system working thanks to PointSystem

also i got the player loadouts working and now i only need to figure how to make the NPC dialogue system

and create the Backstory and find some mappers

And when i got all the basics working i will start the content phase

Every member can submit they content here like NPC maps etc to be used in Garrysmod Campaign and we will take care of making the storyline adding NPC etc

I’m really interested in this, what is it about? I mean who do you play as and what are you trying to do?

You play as a normal player

and well the word campaign is what you actually do on it

Play the backstory of garrysmod campaign alone or on co-op

im still working on it so i need help here also i got a Mapper and hes creating the first level

and i added 3 new weapons

Scar Rifle,P90 Smg and a call of duty black ops Commando

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PD: for some reason i cant get Sharpeye to work with my gamemode

Seriously, just stop it. You can put a bunch of crappy addons together and call that a gamemode.

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The initial idea was cool, but now you’re just ruining it. Leave it to someone who can do something decent.

Killjoy much? I think he should try to contribute to his own idea either learn to map,model,texture,lua anything to help out others that are going to help you.

I don’t mind helping people and encouraging them, but if you start a Garry’s Mod campaign gamemode which is meant to challenge the player with puzzles, and then add totally irrelevant addons that you didn’t make, something is seriously wrong with you. You just don’t do it.

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If you were more attached to Garry’s Mod, you’d understand that more guns that shoot bullets in a “Garry’s Mod campaign” is just complete heresy.

Im not calling that all the content is mine i will give the credit to they respective creators

and Killburn this isnt just a random deathmatch gamemode there will be a pretty well worked storyline behind it so not only shot kill shot kill shot kill will be on this gamemode you will have to use your mind to get past of some puzzles arround the map to reach the victory

I can map but i have to know that you will continue this project and also have a lua coder. Add me on steam ‘‘chrismon0’’

of course im going to continue this project i have add you on steam im alvarofer0020

Of course you will give credit, there is still no interest in adding weapons to a gamemode where you solve puzzles. Especially those retarded real life weapons every cool kid likes so much.

When you got time read the MAIN post so you can know how its gona be now!

I read the post, this is not going to happen.

it will i dont give up when i start a project

I accepted you lemme see how this is going…

Okay look all you flamers need to back off let him try, I know i am not the best or the most popular on Facepunch but god let him try. you are doggin on him way too much

I only just realised that the 20’s after people’s names are because they were born in 2000.

It didn’t actually occur to me that it was possible yet.

Why god, why?!