Garrysmod - Cannot move

Hello, when I or anyone else joins my garrysmod server, there is a big problem. No one can move, you can look about, but you cannot; Move, Change weapon, Talk, Jump, Duck, spawn a prop, chat. I have restarted the server soo many times, locked it, turned the tick rate down, but none of it is doing anything.

Can you please help?

sv_maxcmdrate 66
sv_mincmdrate 66

Sounds to me like you aren’t allowing enough move packets.

Usually that’s what happens when you lose connection to the server; you can look around and open the spawn menu but you cant do anything else. I don’t know what the problem is though.

That must suck…

I have not used your method yet, but just to add to it. After about 2 minutes. I auto disconnect and it says “Mr Anonymous Timed Out” :confused:

There must be a problem with the connection. If you automatically disconnect then you lost the connection to the server somehow. It sounds like your server crashes as soon as you join.