Garrysmod can't connect to servers

Hello, few days ago i’ve bought new comp:
CPU: I5 660 3,3 Ghz,
Memory: DDR3 2000 MB
Video: GTS450 1 GB memory
HDD: 500 GB
Windows 7 Home basic
Anti Virus: AVG Anti Virus
Firewall is disabled.

*Wire 2
*Neuro Planes
*Combine Mech
*Kermite Weapon Pack
*Mad Cows Weapons
*Garrys’ bombs 3
*Nuke pack 4

*I can’t connect to any server - it’s only saying “Connecting to server”. And after few seconds: “Connection failed after 4 retries”. Can someone say what is the problem for this?

The server is down or too far from you for the connection to actually reach the server properly.

Hmm, i think i found the solution - I’m holding server on my comp, and when it works - i can’t connect to any server…
Is there any way so i could hold server and play on other servers?

You’re wasting all your bandwith on server hosting, so no.

Crap :expressionless: Okay, thx

Have you unblocked Garry’s Mod from your firewall? Router’s firewall (if applicable)?

The only way you can host and play at the same time is buying a dedicated server host.