Garrysmod Cant load gamemode

Hey when i start Garrys mod im getting this in console:

Mounting hl2… Not Mounting hl2 (no access)
Not Mounting hl2 (no access)
Mounting ep2… Not Mounting ep2 (no access)
No permission
Mounting tf… Not Mounting tf (no access)
No permission
Mounting cstrike… Disabled
Mounting dod… Disabled
Mounting episodic… Not Mounting episodic (no access)
No permission
Mounting hl2mp… OK
Mounting portal… Disabled
Mounting lostcoast… Disabled
Mounting hl1… Not Mounting hl1 (no access)
No permission
Mounting hl1mp… Not Mounting hl1mp (no access)
No permission
Mounting zeno_clash… Not Mounting zeno_clash (no access)
No permission
Parent cvar in server.dll not allowed (sk_apc_missile_damage)
Garry’s Mod server.dll Build #081 [May 26 2010 18:45:08]
maxplayers set to 128
Steam config directory: d:\steam\steamapps\jrettig\garrysmod\platform\config
ILocalize::AddFile() failed to load file “resource/garrysmod_danish.txt”.
Parent cvar in server.dll not allowed (sv_scriptenforcer_initialkick)
— Missing Vgui material hud/leaderboard_dead
Garry’s Mod client.dll Build #081 [May 26 2010 18:45:03]
maxplayers set to 1
Unknown command “sv_backspeed”
GetAllManifestFiles: Unable to load maplist.txt
— Missing Vgui material vgui/…\vgui\maps\menu_thumb_cp_badlands

I have tried with the extension’s on and off but it dosnt help… when i go in a server it says: Can’t Load game mode!! and its on all server… ;S

can u guys plzz help me? :slight_smile:

It doesn’t load game mods to me either, it’s just half life, with only gravity gun…
I tried deleting the main garry’s mod folder, but didn’t work…

i have tried to reinstall it twice, and also reinstalled steam but it dosnt work…

Looks like everyone have’s the problem, it says so in another post…

I have searched alot but havnt found a solution… :frowning:

There is no solution because its not a bug. Its how the server file download system now works. Addons and Gamemodes have to be modified to accommodate the new system.

Please dont ban me for fearmongering, but alot of the servers I know have shut down until they come up with a fix and some others have disbanded.

but its on all servers? not only 1. ?

Its on MOST servers. Some groups have already come up with workarounds, others have modified their gamemodes accordingly. Others have shut down since the way the new system works, its possible to leech previously inaccessible server files eg: customs, code, serverside, etc. Others have given up on Gmod altogether. A couple of the major custom RP and Spacebuild servers I know have already been leeched and are on hiatus for unknown periods of time. This spells the death knell for some servers that were on the edge.

The patch has changed the way serverside and clientside data is handled, what most custom gamemodes rely on. Any gamemode that relies on server and client data behaving the way they used to will be broken.

but its only happend for some? Not them all ?

Like I said, any server that depends on client and server side data working like the old system will be broken. If I try to give you a ballpark figure there will be 7 pages of flames and an eventual ban simply for stating an unknown quantity…

… Regardless - shit’s fucked up, mang.

Of the favorites list I have, everything thats not some dude’s listen server running off his desktop is currently down. Your mileage may vary.

well thanky :slight_smile: Gues i have to wait … :frowning:

Found a way to fix it!!! Make your Steam English :slight_smile: Then i should work again :smiley:

That’s strange because the new system doesn’t change any of the ways serverside and clientside data are handled. All the clientside files that were normally sent to the client are still sent to the client, and all the serverside files that aren’t supposed to be AddCSLuaFile’d are not sent to the client. Any gamemode that relies on the server and client data behaving the way they used to will work exactly the same.

I cant discuss the reasons and nature of HOW its changed because it may lead to a ban.

I am the one who made the changes.