Garrysmod Clean Install Problem

Hey guys,

So I wanted to have a nice new fresh reinstall on my Garrysmod.

I followed the instructions, renamed garrysmod to garrysmod old, then started up garrysmod.

I was a bit frustrated because I did not have a gravity gun or any of the HL2 weapons except the Phys Gun, the Tool gun, and the camera.

Also, my CSS guns did not make any sound.

Could anyone help?

Make sure you have everything mounted and as for the not receiving weapons, do you have your game set to give weapons?

I will go check if everythings mounted, as for having my game set to give weapons. I wouldnt know, I never altered anything in Garrysmod that prevented me from not being given the HL2 weapons.

sbox_weapons 1 in console, or check the settings whenever you create a game.

Sounds are fixed, ill go check the sbox_weapons and settings later.

Thanks for the help. I will respond if it works.