Garrysmod Color Problem?

Hello, I have a problem with my garrysmod that I bought with steam. It has some kind of color problem, For example I am looking at multiple props and there would be huge colors in my way. Sometimes it does this in the spawn menu. Here is a picture of my problem:

I have had this problem for a long time and I need it solved. Can anyone help me out?

Do you have latest video drivers?

Try running it in fullscreen.

PC specs?

I think it’s your graphics card. This used to happen to my other computer. I just totally don’t play it on that computer anymore.

Yes it could be my graphics card. Ive put my graphics card in 2 pc’s and they both did the same thing. Also I have runned it in fullscreen and low settings and everything like that. Nothing works. Also my video drivers are up to date.