This isn’t a suggestion for the games, but the websites: Why don’t you have links to each other in the NavBars on each site??

Seems a little strange.

One is for user content hosting, and the other one is for news.

Not strange at all. If they are using one domain, typing is slower than :wink:

I think he meant just having external links to each site in the nav bar. Seems like a perfectly reasonable idea to me.

Yeah, the different sites makes sence, just the fact that they don’t link is strange.

Each following sites should link to each other in my opinion:

Gmod wiki needs a link to our Twitter account too

The .com, the .org, and the wiki should all be intertwined, yes.

Dunno about Facepunch though

I think that if Facepunch was directly linked, then he’d have to change the “Does Garry’s Mod have sex?” question to “Not by default, but you can probably find some on the forums.