I’m looking to start having random headers on (

Was wondering if anyone wanted to try making some? They need to have a transparent background and be the same size as the one above.

Just a few ideas
I should be payed to suck this hard at photoshop:

And a version with a different robot:

Which I personally find not as good
Either way, neither of them are especially fantastic, mainly because they don’t blend together at all.

I’ll see if I can throw together something that isn’t eye-bleedingly awfull.

I like them both =)

Strangely, you look like Gman in some cases.

Yes, you Garry.
Sorry, for the derail.
I love them both.

Here’s something I made. Terrible, but… erm… IT HAS MOTION BLUR!

how about applying some AA? I don’t likt it but it’s done pretty good! this is a tip for improvement. AA is your friend

Just a shame I have to put up with an Intel GMA then. It doesn’t let me turn on AA.

intel… laptop I assume? I’m sorry to hear that.

That’s the strangest part! It’s a desktop… I got a prebuilt because it was cheap, but I will upgrade it to an “awesome ultra PC” one day.

oh you can be happy that it runs at all! My intel GMA 950 isn’t capable of running gmod. glad I’ve got a gaming desktop.

I was quite shocked that it ran too, but Left 4 Dead runs at about half a frame per second on low.

a desktop computer? that you’re in! buy a nvidia or ati card and just plug it in! it isn’t that hard to do really! just costs you some money for the card. this’ll improve your general gaming experience a LOT!

I have upgraded graphics cards a fair few times, but mostly on old PCs that wouldn’t run games anyway. What card would you recommend?

well what’s your budget? I’ve got an ati hd5770 in my gaming pc, it runs gmod on maxed out settings with a lot of props in game at about 60 fps

Actually, that sounds like a pretty nice card at an alright price. I’ll have to see if I can get one.

it’s a pretty nice card at about $175,-(I’m not sure because I baught it for 175 euro’s)

This thread is now about finding brandonsh a graphics card

A second attempt anywho:


Who needs originality when you’ve got TF2 models eh?

How’s this look?

£135 = $210.

Check sites such as eBuyer, and Scan seeing as you are in the UK. They are much more reputable sellers, and have a wider variety of parts. but yeah, that is roughly what you would be looking at.

if your PC is up to the job (decent CPU, good PSU, etc), then you could consider a nVidia GTX 450 (when they launch), or if you are willing to push your budget, a GTX 460 as well. Both cards should perform spectacularly, my 460 currently does.

Ask the PC Hardware and Software forum for more help if you need it. They can give you a bit more assistance in finding parts. I wouldn’t trust boot after the dumbassery he posted the other day normally, but a 5770 is a decent GPU for a budget.

I couldn’t find a way to intergrate his guy properly, but I think he looks good on his own:

I should’ve entered the background competition y’know, I had the right ideas