Garrysmod Community Owner Needed...

This is not a troll post, i’m actually being serious!


I currently work full time (oh god here comes a life story!) I want someone to run my community for me while I just sort out the funding, servers and the website. I have the community up and running and I will be involved it is just I can’t be every night as I work late some nights. I am currently sorting out getting LUA coders to improve the servers with more features and am open for suggestions.

**What is currently in place: **

  • Website
  • Long founded community name
  • Steam Group
  • Logo
  • Garrysmod TTT Server
  • Minecraft Vanilla Server
  • Teamspeak Server
  • Head Admin & Admin

**Servers: **


**What I want to do: **

  • Update Website
  • Update Servers
  • Improve Servers (on your suggestions)
  • Manage Servers
  • Manage Donations
  • Work closely with someone to ensure community is running successfully
  • Adding new servers
  • Install load balancing
  • Code some LUA
  • Manage LUA Coders
  • Code PHP, HTML, CSS

**What you will be doing: **

  • Community Management
  • Assigning Admin Roles
  • Encouraging Donations
  • Playing on most/all servers
  • Posting on the website as much as possible
  • Suggesting what can improve server/community
  • Suggesting what to buy (I love to spend money…)

** Preferred Requirements: **

  • Small Financial contributions would be a plus
  • Be 100% committed
  • Have a microphone
  • Have some experience
  • Want to have fun

How to get in touch

Skype: dj-deskjetc (don’t ask, we all have those embarrassing usernames from as a child)
Steam: (there is another one)
Facepunch: Just message me :slight_smile:

So do we have to fulfill all of these or just most?

As many as possible…

Is your server already up? I’ll probably go check it out right about now.

IP anywhere? I’m bad at reading it seems.


Wow again

Why would you want to give this to some random person instead of a regular from your community who is likely to actually care about the fate of it.

This, if I ever had to leave for an extended amount of time I’d find someone I trust within my community. Even someone I don’t trust that much is better than a complete random stranger.

Just a tip, don’t make anyone from some random site like FP a admin, sure there are some people who you can trust here but its just odd that you pick out a random guy and promote him to community manager.

Try to ask what managing and stuff he has done before like i got a small CV of forums, servers and real companies for whom i worked for as community moderator or manager

What’s wrong with asking for somebody? He supplied the list of servers, so if anybody wants the role they could go play on his servers and then he could judge who’s good and who isnt.

ugh not you again. you’re the same guy that expected loads of different sections to help you as a “development team” when you didn’t plan to help much. hell, i added you and said i might help you with maps if you had some incentive, and you just said “i don’t feel it’s worth paying for virtual maps so do it for free or no”

Don’t know who you are but know for a fact noone offered to wanna stop trolling?

i added you and said i could make maps for you, you just acted pretentious and refused my offers to help (despite only asking for quite a low payment)

Ironic because you let 10 year old kids admin your server?

Why do people always insist it’s age related? Our bad admins are of all ages thank you, be it 10 or 50. In fact if I recall based on memory and generate some stupidly made up statistic I’d say the majority of them have been 14-19.

Age really does NOT matter for these types of things.

“Age does not matter guys.”*

I remember one of your admins screaming down the mic, and not giving me time to explain that he’s got the wrong person before he insisted on kicking me. And he sounded like a 7 year old girl.

Age does matter 18+ pay for your addon think wisely about giving admin to kids / immature people.

Age does matter a lot when it comes to admins. Admins run your server and reflect on how your community is ran. If you have 12 year old admins who are nothing but toxic players, chances are your community won’t get much traffic.