Garrysmod Crash

I’m going to be straight forward

My Garrysmod crashes whenever I get a series of headshots or kill with props.
Sometimes it says hl2.exe has crashed other times it just closes, please help.

C’mon Guys!

Bump ( I need help )

try going the launch options in the properties of the game and typing -dxlevel 8 if u have black around the lettering in the menu or if the HUD disappears type in -dxlevel 80, i have heard this works to fixing the issue. as far as i am aware this is a hopeful fix to the hl2.exe shutdown problem that u may be having troubles with. some other thing u could try is to verify the integrity of the games cache but I’m not 100% sure that it’s the solution. i do hope this helps and if any of my information is misleading I’m sure another member will post a reply. Also if the code doesn’t solve the following issue then u may have to research. also I’m not too sure of the side affects to changing the launch options but i have seen many people attempt it with little complaining.

I’ll try that

Well it works ( I know im late) but I Cant stand dx 8

i know it sucks but at least you can sit it out until garry releases an update. sorry for the quality, but i hope it’s a bit better

Thanks either way