Garrysmod Crashes when I press space in a car

Every time I press space to stop my car, gmod crashes almost instantly. No error, no black screen, just freezes up for one second then crashes. This has been happening since January, forcing me to use the s button to slow down. Although, I’ve noticed this hasn’t happened when I played PERP. Nobody else has been having this problem to the best of my knowledge.

What do you have binded to space (type bind space in the console)

@up Fix your grammar, instead of “binded” you should use word “bound”.

On the topic:
Does the crash happen also on HL2 jeep?

Do you have any addons installed which only works for other gamemodes?

You might be missing the physical properties for the wheels the vehicle uses, though they should already be included…

Does the crash also happen in the HL2 jeep*

Edit: …you should use the word “bound”

Nope. Only crashes in TDMCars, LoneWolfie’s Cars, SGMCars, etc. Space is binded to “+jump”. As far as I know, I don’t have any compatibility issues *in my workshop addons *.

Do what djjkxbox360 said. Check what you have binded and report back.

“space” = “+jump”

I found un mounting the Half Life 2 Episode content and Reinstalling / updating scrds fixed this problem.

Didn’t fix it. Plus, it only crashes once your driving at a reasonable speed.