Garrysmod Crashes When Opening Escape menu

Every time I try to open the escape menu or console, garrysmod crashes. I recently download Zoey’s L4D2 SWEP Pack, and ever since it has been crashing.
I have tried it with and without the mod, and it only crashes with the mod installed. Would there be any way for this problem to be solved without deleting the mod itself completely?

Just play it without the mod.

I realy want it though.

No, you do not.

I know what I damn want and don’t want
I though this was the place to help and be helped. Your not helping.

Well, if it’s breaking things, then you don’t want it.

It’s the addon or the game, FlyingBear. But you cannot use the addon without the game, and you cannot play the game with the addon.

Forget about the addon.