Garrysmod Crashing after joining a server

After I join one particular DarkRP server, my game just closes, no mention of a crash or anything. I’ve tried reinstalling gmod, steam, and verifying game files/defrag, and started a single player game first, nothing has worked. It’s the oddest thing. Does anyone know what the issue is here and how I can fix it?

Oh god, sorry, I thought I was posting this in the help section, can someone move this please?

Does the server you’re trying to join run ULX and are you an admin on it? If so then you may be affected by a bug we just fixed for the latest GMod update, and you should definitely get ULX updated.
For more details see this thread on our forums:,5628.0.html

I’m having this same issue.

I join my own server, and nothing has been changed in the last four months.
The game instantly closes.

Ulx and ulib is svn updated every day.

Stickly Man, your link is broken.

Also, I seem to not get a .dmp file, but a .mdmp will not accept them.

I put all of the crash files here.

I’ve also renamed my addons folder.

Fixed the link–

The issue I’m referring to only occurs to admins with access to xgui_managebans on servers with at least one ban with an insanely long unban time (the crash occurs with
For more troubleshooting options, are other users able to join? Can you join if you remove your admin access beforehand? You may also want to try temporarily removing your cfg/banned_users.cfg and data/ulib/bans.txt files and restart the server, to see if that does anything.

But, if you have the latest ULX Release (3.54) or SVN (rev. 194) then it’s most likely a different issue than what I’m referring to. Unless I didn’t get the bug fixed entirely :-\

Other players but the superadmins can join.
I can play on other ulx servers just fine.

After removing all access rights from me, I can play just fine.

I can set myself as a normal admin, and play just fine.

I think this is an internal ulx issue.

That does sound like the issue I’m referring to-- Make sure your ULX SVN is up to date or that you get the latest release on our downloads page, then see if you still have the problem.