Garrysmod Custom Loading Screen on Dedi Server HELP (nothing too complex :D)

Right, I know there’s been a lot of questions about this - but I hope this one is different! Well, I am using a dedicated server for me and a few mates, and I wanted to mess about with the loading screen a bit. Now, I am actually quite drawn to the simplicity of the base loading screen, so I just want to change the “g” logo and the download logo. I’m pretty much a complete noob to HTML and java (I know bits and pieces, that’s all) so I’m hoping I won’t have to do the whole embedding a HTML link and whatnot, but I may have a stab at it if there is no other way. I tried replacing the “loading.png” and “download.png” in “orangebox\garrysmod\resource\loading”, but to no avail… Any other ideas?

I appreciate your time and thank you in advance,

First thing:

Second thing: You need a place to host website with your loading screen. I use my fastdll server for that. To replace default loading screen with custom all you need to do is add to the end of line of .scrds_run: -sv_loadingurl “URL” (without www or http://).

To change graphics, just open source of the default loading screen, copy code, paste that on your own place and upload there graphics with the names showed inside source code.

if you go to orangebox\garrysmod\cfg then edit server.cfg you should see something like this

"// server name
hostname “Your Server Name”

// rcon passsword
rcon_password “Your rcon Password”

sv_loadingurl “Your Loading screen website goes here.”"

When you join a server that hes a specific loading screen they have the client go to a url for the loading screen.