Garrysmod DarkRP Lag Optimization.

Is there anyone who can give me some tips on optimization for my server? It’s weird, a month ago, I had way more addons than I had now and it never lagged. I added more stuff and it started to lag, so I removed a lot of addons. Now I have barely anything and it’s still lagging. Could it be a buggy addon?

One of the easiest solutions is to reduce the tickrate.

My tickrate is at 22 but can go down to 11, should I do that?

It’s most likely an addon you’ve installed.
What addons have you added recently?

A lot! lool! I bought a ton off scriptfodder.

rPhone, Fire system, Fire DLC, News Cameraman, Pickpocket, Bank Robbery, Government Station, Tow Truck, Enhanced Weed Growing, Pointshop 2, Both VC Mod addons, 3D Car Dealer 2

;o Any idea which one it could be?

Didn’t you JUST say you had barely anything on the server? Good god man