Garrysmod Derma Broken

Hello… my Gmod recently started acting up on me for no reason. Basicly when i start up the client it works fine but when i hit “Play Multiplayer” or any of the menus that old works fine but as i try to start a SP game or join a server that menu stays on top of whatever im doing. The small loading bar at the bottom right also ocasionally doesnt appear and sometimes appears in wierd posistions (like right in centre of screen). This problem is anoying but tolerable.

What is intolerable is when i join servers with a custom HUD (Such as the SpaceAge servers). Such huds flicker when i try to move or look at props sometimes they completly disapere from my screen. This also happens when i try to open the E2 editor… sometimes making me spend a couple of minutes geting a sweet spot were my derma doesnt disapere well im coding.

I have also noticed a huge increase in client crashes since i got this bug. Everytime i fire a gun or someone i can see on my screen fires a gun i crash. I also crash frequently well trying to load a derma menu (such as Q screen or E2 editor).

Does anyone have a solution to this? i can provide a video if any experts want to take a closer look. I have also tryed reinstalling gmod several times through steam and even wiping my whole gmod folder (data, addons and map files too) even after doing this 3 times and reinstalling i still am geting these bugs. The only other thing i can think of doing is wiping all ~500gb data from my drives which im not prepared to do for 1 game.

And this is not a compatability issue as i have played gmod fine in the past this issue only started a few weeks ago.

This bug is also not affecting any other source games at all as far as i can see

Also it doesnt affect it when i change the DXlevel



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