I was playing on my gmod server and somedude came on and use the map colour changer exploit and then when i restarted the server the server was screwed any cmds in the server will not work and you cant do anything not spawn props. all you can do is walk around. i dont know if its the upload and delete exploit but we need it fixed fast.

Sounds like the base gamemode was loaded.

were do i switch that at

You honestly should know that yourself, otherwise you really shouldn’t even own a server…

You should also have some extensive logging if you’re going to be owning a server with more than a couple people :v:

On the cmd line it has the gamemode darkrp not base

First of all - I’m not going to tell you how to get rid of this as it is considered a exploit and I could be banned for it.
But I will offer some advice, try reinstalling server files. :wink:

You don’t get banned for telling people how to fix exploits. Post a fix and we can all get on with our day.

Just please get rid of your server, if you are hosting a server for people to play on and you think fucking with exploits and stuff you don’t know about then why do you even have one? Lordy. Anyway you probably loaded base and/or broke DarkRP, thanks for trying “I want to host a server” unfortunately your going to have to go home this time and try again! If you didn’t get that just do everything again, from scratch.

Yeah, he should totally know how to fix every single exploit that can ever come up or else he’s a bad server owner, totally.

aka you’re rude

The poor kid/man needs help. hese came here to facepunch for an answer or s.o.s call for help. And in stead has came out feeling like an idiot and scared/scard for even trying to ask for help ever again.

Try starting from scratch with your server. Just cause theres an issue he cant solve dosnt mean he should give up and dump every thing. It means that he can get better and can improve on his mistakes. ect ect.

Try giving him slack.

(This is why im afraid to ask for help at my school, I think people will make fun of me.)

A good server owner would just restore from backups, and be done with it.

Yeah, I try to get people to help me with my server stuff, but instead I get bashed with rude ass comments about how I shouldn’t own a server. You have to learn the stuff, no one just goes: “Yeah, I know how to do anything/everything with a server and it’s files.” You learn.

And part of that learning period is learning that other server owners sometimes won’t help, and will kick you into the dust.

a good server owner would figure out the problem and stop it from happening again which is exactly what he’s doing.