"garrysmod" folder doesn't work anymore (PLEASE READ)

So I deleted the “garrysmod” folder(the one located in the steamapps folder, the one where you put all your downloads from garrysmod.org) and then restored it in an attempt to yet again reinstall Gmod 13. It seemed to work at first, until none of my addons that I downloaded from garrysmod.org showed up. At all. And apparently, it won’t save screenshots, dupes, saves or any of the sort anymore. I’m guessing that the game can’t locate the folder anymore after I deleted it and then restored it. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks.

You deleted it, garrysmod.org addons are manual installs, not automatically downloaded like workshop. Unless the old Garry’s mod folder is still in your recycling bin (if you deleted it that way) then you’re out of luck.

From what I read, it sounded like he deleted it, but restored it from the recycle bin. If that’s the case, recently Garry’s Mod updated to use SteamPipe. This means Garry’s Mod now has a folder in SteamApps/common/GarrysMod rather than the previous /[steamname]/garrysmod. If you restored it, it restored it to the old filepath, and not the new one. The quick solution is to copy the addons folder over to the addons folder in the SteamApps/common/GarrysMod folder and delete the garrysmod folder in the /[steamname]/ directory. I’d also recommend opting into the “SteamPipe Beta” for all of your Source/Valve games such as HL2, and then verifying your game cache after launching each individual game. This will allow you to mount these games to Garry’s Mod. You can, if you are updating all games to use SteamPipe, delete every folder inside your SteamApps/[SteamName]/ folder.

Doing that right now. It says it’s gonna take about several hours to move all the files(I have around 60,000 files in my garrysmod/garrysmod folder :P) so i’ll be back shortly.

For me my Garry’s Mod isnt in teh common folder how do I get it to move there?

Yay it works now :smiley: thanks Loriborn.

Right click Garry’s Mod in the Steam library and choose “delete local content.” Then go to your “Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/[username]/” folder and delete the “garrysmod” folder inside of it. Reinstall Garry’s Mod and ensure that you see “GarrysMod” folder inside of your “SteamApps/common/” folder. Verify game cache after running it to make sure everything downloaded properly. There should no longer be a garrysmod folder in your “/[username]/” folder.

I’d also recommend opting into the SteamPipe betas for all other Source games. Right click your source games and click “properties,” then go to the “betas” tab and choose the drop-down arrow and select “SteamPipe Beta.” Close the window and start the game. It’ll ask if you would like to configure the game for the new system; choose yes. After it finishes updating, and you have done this for all source games, delete all the folders in your “SteamApps/[username]/” folder. It should be empty. Verify the game cache of all of your Source games. The “[username]” folder should still be empty, but all your Source games should now have a folder in “common.” Episode 1 and 2 of HL2, as well as Lost Coast, will each have their files inside of the “Half-Life 2” folder inside of “common.”

You will now be able to mount your content to Garry’s Mod. L4D2 and CS:GO content is still broken, and CS:S content often conflicts with CS:GO content. Some filepaths are messed up for sounds, textures and models as well, resulting in some addons/maps having borked content. This is normal and will be fixed shortly.

That’s the slow, bandwidth consuming way of doing it. You can just move the folder yourself, and edit appmanifest_4000.acf to point to the new location.