Garrysmod for Mac

I love garrysmod, but it’d be nice to be able to stay up to date with everyone else. I play garrysmod on the mac, and while garry is updating everything with the beta and what not, he always mentions that he hasn’t done anything for the mac users.

Can there be a change?

No. He will fix it when he can. He is having issues with the compiler so he cant build for linux/mac

Thanks for summarizing what i just said, I’m just considering, that an experienced mac person would help garry, obviousley he is used to editing garrysmod in pc, so wouldn’t it make sense for garry to get help from mac users?

Not considering how small the Garrysmod userbase is on Linux and Unix platforms.

to be completely honest, Macs aren’t built for gaming whatsoever. They never were, and for some reason Apple has begun marketing the machines are gaming builds. While they’re capable of it to some extent, unless you’re on a Pro tower, you’re running 3 or 4 year old graphics hardware. Tell your parents to hold off on buying that new Macbook Pro or iPad and invest in a proper multimedia Windows-based powerhouse. Save the extra money left over from the purchace and buy yourself something nice like a yacht, or a small country :v:

Allow me to laugh for a moment.


Anyway, back on subject.

Macs are significantly harder to make games for because they aren’t intended for gaming, therefore you’re coding to meet specifications you would otherwise not have to code for. Plain and simple. If you want to get updates / have a better playing experience get a Windows based machine.

Let’s review the facts, Garrysmod was released for mac, so lets just deal with that and get back to the subject of getting it updated.

Lets review the facts. Garrysmod was made for windows. It was ported over to linux once valve updated their engine to be cross compatable. Garry does not have a working linux developer machine, it is broken, and he is unable to obtain a working set of binaries for the engine. So lets just get you to shut up, get windows, and stop crying like a little kid. Hows that? Ill say it again. Wait untill it gets fixed.

Your trying to put square block into a very expensive round hole, kid. I know that you’re probably used to getting hardware updates every few seconds, but software for Windows is a bit different, since it’s made to last. Sit back and grow a bit of patience.

Look kid, this thread is to fix that problem, not to shove “because” reasons at anyone, so how about you shut up and leave if you don’t want to try and think of solutions to help mac users.

Or you can simply stop bitching about it and just wait until Garry can fix. Only Garry can fix this kind of issue, so don’t insult someone if you didn’t get the answer you wanted.

Who the hell said I was complaining and bitching, I’m only looking for a solution, so how about everyone just calm the hell down

Look, the point is that you can’t get a fix for this problem on your own. The only thing you can do is wait this out and hope Garry can fix it soon. But like MrWhite and CrispexOps said, you should not be using a mac for gaming in the first place.

And you shouldnt be using a Windows from the early 2000s :v:
(No offense intended though, I used XP until early 2011)

You fo real? Windows 95 all the way! As for OP… I just love how ignorant people in this world are.

Haha, hasn’t failed me yet. :smile:

lmao “kid”

thats not how you discuss something, nobody was whining, we were just telling you that your shitty excuse for a computer isnt made for gaming. honestly, nobody is moaning or bitching, and you have no authority whatsoever to tell someone to “shut up and leave”.

gmod was made as a game for windows. you have it on mac as a treat. garry didnt have to port it over, so stop being so entitled. theres no “solution” as the problem isnt major; pc have priority over macs because thats what the game was made for

k thanks mom

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Who else helps garry port the game over to the mac?

Just stop. Your making yourself look more foolish than needed, the answer is still the same. Wait for Garry to fix it, or get rid of the mac and get a windows based system.

Wow, you’re like the stereotypical Mac fanboy. Y’know, the self-entitled cunts who justify spending loads of a computer because it’s obviously superior. Garry’s Mod is a game designed for Windows, you have it as a treat. Stop being so ungrateful.

just stop, you obviously don’t know how to take your own advice, k thanks