GarrysMod fps lag

Hello Now before I get more into my situation Im going to post my system specs

Intel i7 930 2.8 ghz 3.1 turbo
nvidia geforce gtx 660 ti

750 w power supply

Now my problem has actually been before the big update to 13 I used to play the game fine run it on max 150 fps + any server But it just started to get progressively more and more laggy I’ve looked up so many ways to try and fix this but no avail I would really appreciate help on this I have even tried turning gmod down to dx level 8 but no boosts this lag generally happens in open areas thanks in advance for your time

Edit: This lag only happens on multiplayer servers singleplayer is completely fine


I really need a fix guys

Could be any number of things. Most likely it’s something on the server, like an addon.

We don’t have a magical fix for your problems.
Numerous people have said that they are getting lower FPS in GMod 13.