Garrysmod Free Trial

Just as stable and safe as the original garrysmod, but it restrics some things:
Not allowed any addons
Can’t play multiplayer
Can’t mount anything but HL2. EP1, EP2 and Lost Coast
No achievements
No custom maps.
Only lasts a week

I think it would be a good idea for people to try out the mod before buying.

I believe gmod 9 serves this purpose already.

A Demo-Trial?

A demo is unlimited play but limited features.
A trial is full version but for limited time.

Due to the nature of Lua, this is not an easy option, and since Garry is lazy it won’t happen.

I guess they could make a trial of GMod that disables addons or some type of limitation but that wouldnt really be an accurate representation of GMod.

trail version that allows like 15 days of SP or if Multiplayer do something like world of warcraft, allow a 10 day trial online with very limited tools or only on approved servers or something.

but who knows Gmod 9 is for a trial anyways i guess…
for $10 you cant lose buying gmod on steam

its only 6 dollars i think now

This is a dumb idea because you could easily hack around this.

Not if you ask Steam to block them from launcher their game and do some stuff with the game dir to prevent it from starting with a program or w/e…
If that’s possible (coded).

How about guest passes that only last for 3 days?
garry or valve should give anyone who owns GMOD one for a friend who is thinking about buying it.

Too much of a hassle for Garry. He’s got bigger fish to fry.

But the person would need cs:s, hl2, and hl2dm.

10$ is fine and gmod attracts a very specific type of crowd. Most people get the idea after reading about it and watching some videos. Besides, taking out a lot of the stuff you mentioned kind of ruins the gmod experience :confused: