Garrysmod freezes when trying to render spawnicons.

Please help, as said above I can not add anymore addons due to the fact that the game freezes as soon as the addon is opened with the spawnicons.

Please help!

Did you always have this problem? Or was there a recent hardware/software change?

No, nothing changed and never had the problem. I dl’d the H3 Marines and that’s when it stopped working. I also deleted the addon and it’s still having the issue.

Rename your garrysmod folder, so Steam generates a new one, and try it again.

Then what? Add allllll of the addons back?

Also just found out that if I view it in list form (No spawn icons) then I can spawn them no problem. But since it’s larry’s huuuuuge gun pack, that’s a pain in the butt to try and remember all of the numbers.

Delete “Larry’s huuuuuge gun pack” then. Your computer can probably not handle rendering all of the spawn icons.

You are not understanding me. It’s any addon with spawn icons that I get from this point on. All of my other addons that I installed a week ago work no problem.

Add just one back, see if it works correctly.

Dumb question, do you actually own Garrysmod?

Yes, I do.

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If I rename the folder and add the addon back it works no problem.

Problem solved! Thanks Fury, it must’ve been the COD Hud I had just added. Thanks a lot for the help! :smiley:

No problem buddy! Remember to try that if you have any sort of issues like that! It’s generally recent addons that are troublemakers.