GarrysMod FTP Server Setup

I am trying to set up a fast file host for my server. I got everything to work, everything downloads fast, except big things like Gcombat, nuke packs and some other weapons do not work. What folder should I put the addons into on the FTP to make these addons work. I understand there is some sort of cache file I need to put on my server, which I did by following the instructions at,1037.0.html , yet it still does not work. If you could make a clearer version of the instructions here that would be great, although I doubt its the problem Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Okay here we go.

Make sure EVERYTHING is on your server first, including all models and lua files etc.


Your Fast DL must basically mirror your servers garrysmod folder, except for a few things. Do NOT make an ‘addons’ folder on your fastDL server. If you have models from addons, simply put them in the models folder of your fastDL, not in the addons folder.

For example: If you have GCombat as an addon, and there are models at directory “Addons>GCombat>models>folder1>mymodel.mdl” then you upload that model to “garrysmod>models>folder1>” on your fastDL. Make sure you have it set up with a garrysmod folder to begin with.

Set it up so it looks like this.

They are the ONLY folders you should need.

Your FastDL url will then become: http://www.mydownloadurl/myserver/garrysmod/

Make sure you have the trailing /