Garrysmod Glitches?

Okay, so recently while i’ve been playing, i’ve noticed a few bugs. I’m not sure what to think of them but here they are:
CSS Realistic Weapons: Animations screwed up, it won’t show the gun reloaded or anything.
NPC’s: Some, not all, npc’s will “spaz” out when given a certain gun. They look like they are hiding in fear, IDK if that helps or not.

This is all i’ve really seen. If anyone knows a fix to them or why this is happening, please contact me. Thanks

Some NPC’s from HL2 were only programmed to use the weapons from HL2. Just out of curiosity, are Combine Soldier type NPCs the only ones that do this?

No, the combines work perfectly. If i give a rebel NPC an AR2, he’ll spaz out. However, a combine soldier wont.