Garrysmod Global Ban System [Theory or Reality]

A theory im working on
Please leave constructive feedback.

Everything is explained inside the pdf. You may need to read it over twice to fully understand.
Some connections you may make to help understand this…
Warcraft 3 Global Ban Lists
The CONCORD organization in EVE (somewhat similar)

Link to PDF:
Download GGBSV1.pdf

Why would we need this? Unless someone wants Roflwaffle gone badly.

-SNIP- isnt worth it

Wont be used. :V

Was once created by LuaDuck (if I remember correctly) and he got flamed to death because people feared injustice bans - even after he said his system is moderated at a very high level. But people only answered to the topic so he quit this project.

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GGBS will be partially lua and partially dll. The .dll section of GGBS is made for each server it is
installed on. This will prevent GGBS from being installed onto servers which do not have authorization to
use it. The lua section is an interface between Garrysmod and the .dll which does all the banning and
such. GGBS is made this way because it would be very easy to use GGBS for shady intentions if it was all
lua, because you can easily edit lua codes to do your bidding, it would also allow GGBS to be installed on
non-authorized servers.

Won’t work. A dll is not the holy-grail to prevent this. It can be circumvented in most cases. Also, why to make it restricted to “authorized servers” only?

Too much abusable by server admins, sorry, this is bound to be a theory.

It sounds like a good idea, but I can see it causing problems in the long run… It may bring some good but on the other hand there are too many server owners and admins who like abusing things. You might be banned on many servers… with no good reason. Who knows if it becomes big enough there may be many people trying to exploit it / or gain unauthorized access and mass ban players.

I don’t think we really need a global banning system, there will always be people who cause problems, if you want to keep your server clear of them find some good admins, try to get your players more involved by having them report minges, have votekick voteban etc.

That just my thought, as with everything it could be good and bad. I think there is too much bad with this though. Sounds good on paper but never works out in reality.

Want to clarify a bit. I am not saying anything bad about this idea, certain things like the rating system may be useful, as for the global banning large communities might like it but I don’t see it keeping out idiots and over time it will abused / exploited.

You seem not to have read it entirely. The same happened when LuaDuck posted his idea. The “Global Ban System” is moderated and unaffected by per-server-bans. e.g. is moderated also. And if you need to ship a demo for malicious players to that Global Ban System in order to get it reviewed and the player banned, I do not see any problem with this.

90% of people who have posted have not bothered to read the pdf, and if they did not even half of it.

Thank you though for you feedback that is actually useful, i wish i could say the same for the others.

Also in reply to one of your earlier posts.
Basically the DLL would be the MySQL module with a bit of protection.
My idea is to make it check the servers IP and compare it to the list of registered server IP’s. If the server IP matches one of the IP’s of the registered server list then it returns the green light and the module will work, if it doesn’t, then the module wont.

However at the very least, i will simply have the DLL tailored with a specific registration code, that can be used to identify who the DLL was originally given to, thus making it easier to find who is leaking it.

Latch onto your DLL, read off the registration code, spoof the IP, and bam, you can ban people globally.

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It’s secure, but in no way watertight.

What language gonna be coded in?

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The global would be serverside, the server would be a client, I’m not all correct but guessing.

The bans can’t be modified/adjusted by the client (server) itself, so yeah.

Also you can make MD5 checks against modified DLL’s and what not.

Its called VAC it already gets rid of the people we dont want

The most retarded idea ever.

People are banned every second of the day. People lie every second of the day. People take bribes every part of the day. But people do not give up their time to go and listen to a minge qq about getting unbanned.

You’re idea isnt going to work.

Drop the DLL part, its just extra work and is easly crackable.

It might be a good idea, or it might be a bad, it totally depends on which servers and people get authorized to use it.
Some parts of this just wont work at all though, such as the ban council, you would either have to record a demo or take a screenshot for them to judge, which probably isnt the first thing you do when someone is trying to crash your server

This is easy as fuck to do, just use SQL, SQL client permissions or HTTP requests by the server if you’re lazy, hooks and some PHP authentication.

If your really want this done, hit me up on steam, you might want to PM me your steam name or something so i know which friend request to accept if you do so though

What about sending a short demo to the global-ban system automatically over the module and the moderators of the global ban system then have to decide to ban him globally or not. That’s the only good method I know.
You can spoof what you want, but if the demo is simply not sufficient for a ban, the player will not be banned.

I doubt it would work.

I remember there was something like this but it was on Counter Strike, it was called KAC and it was like VAC but banned people for cvar hacks and servers could decide if they wanted to activate the global ban system, it was a useful tool because only the software could ban.

Honestly this should be optional and should just run off lua and DLL if it’s really needed with with the global ban list. Server admins download off the sub-domain. When an admin flags a user it goes straight to the website and the user is banned locally (FOR HOW MANY DAYS THE ADMIN DECIDES) and people decide what they think. It will also have a list of “Servers user is flagged on” that tracks the users steamID… This helps moderators understand that this user may be an annoyance on other servers.

The user will go on the flag list and people can input there views with an X and a tick with a comment system. Moderators who are the people who decide if they go on GGB list, users can also input proof either it be youtube videos, demos, screenshots etc. this would help mods who have no freaking idea who they are.

Once the user is banned, he/she will be disconnected with a “GGB black list user” the bans are permanent and users may wish to appeal ONCE and if it’s denied then the user can not be unbanned off the website it will need to be changed in the .dlls and possibly .lua (I don’t know much about it)

If this is already included in the .pdf, sorry I didn’t read it I am in a rush.

Why would you even want to create something like this? Let’s make it so we’d need 2-3 more cd key’s to be able to join a gmod server.