Garrysmod Graphics Imrpovement

I purchased a new computer very recently, one that is capable of running almost anything one it’s best quality (which I funny because my other computer was a crappy lappy) and I wanted to know, what are the best recommended mods, models, and tweaks for making Garrysmod look the best?

I have done some searching on sights like Gamebanana and found some pretty high quality HD stuff as far as models, and i collected HD sounds from other sources (Mostly HL2 Mods) and other games as well, and I even gathered up several addons before switching computers. While I do remember some of the major tweaks, I cannot find the old addons anymore. One was an addon that added enhanced bullet impact effects (that were highly reminiscent of BF3), yet I cannot find it on anymore.

I also want to see other suggestions for upgrading the graphics. I already run it on it’s best quality plus I add two console commands that I strongly recommend:

phys_pushscale [# Value] - This turns back on the ragdoll and prop physics that were present in HL2 depending on how high you set the variable. No more corpses simply falling down after explosions. I usually set this to 15 for the best results.

mat_motion_blur_intensity - Setting a value after these changes the effect of the motion blur in game. So If you like SMOD motion blur, set it to something high (for both, I usually use 5). Be warned, setting the values too high causes the screen to jitter when moving the mouse slowly.

So what other suggestions do you have?

I don’t think it’s necessary, as most of the eyecandy’s in the mapping itself. evocity v2p and the remakes are realistic because of how it was designed in the Hammer editor.

There’s already these effects in many other games:

The dynamic shadows started way off in 2003 or 2002. The only game I saw around 2003 was Doom 3. and I noticed it in FEAR 1 when it was launched in 2004.

Source/Garry’s Mod does not need any graphical improvements at the moment.

Get something called “Sharpeye” It makes your movement more realistic, And more realistic sounds. Works like a charm


Not exactly graphics. More like immersion.