Garrysmod Group Photo :D

Enjoy the random pic :smiley:


whos ur fav? mines the stupid terrorist

Why construct, posing is bad, faceposing is absolutly stupid.

Also why rip off the idea of Dr.Hax

Posing is quite bad, turn your graphics up and don’t use construct, work on these and you’ll be better in no time!

Stop stealing other peoples ideas…
And this picture might of been accepted in 2005

how u make 'em better quality?

i used the command jpeg_quality 100


sorry sorry…

my bad

Don’t use construct, up the graphics, work on faceposing & posing.

Take more time on your screenshots.

Gravity cat not amused.

(User was banned for this post ("Meme shit" - Uberslug))

Never use Dr. Hax.
Oh yeah, and look at other threads before posting here. If yours isn’t anything like them, don’t post

Sorry Olly, but no enjoyment is found here.

What do you gain in trolling?

you’re silly

Picture is okay, you definitely need to learn how to pose ragdolls better, from the looks of it you just physgunned their heads up in the air and didn’t touch the rest of their bodies…

Obviously you guys are having a convernsation with a troll.

There I made a remake of this plus its better… merry christmas ya feyget