Garrysmod: Half-Life 2 female_02 Nude model needed.

Yes, you heard me correctly. I am in dire need of a fully textured nude model for the female_02 model. Breasts, vagina, buttocks, everything fully textured. Why do I need it? No, not so I can sit in front of my comptuer and fap and make crude sex poses. I need it for various reasons, and so does my friend. If somebody could make such a model for garrysmod or find me a link for it, I would be very grateful. Go ahead and flame this thread all you want, I just really need a serious response. I need this model. Thank you.

You have a better chance at

Oh, sweet jesus. Do I really have to resort to- oh, alright. But still, this thread still stands. If anyone has or can make such a model it would be appreciated.

I doubt it, anyone who ever did any nude modeling or posing has moved in there.

If anyone posted a nude Model, Garry would be over them Like Mould on a shower Curtain.

[sub][sub][sub]That was Terrible, Forgive me.[/sub][/sub][/sub]

Oh, welp. Looks like I’m actually going to register on this… digital porn site. And yeah. Asking for a nude model on here is probably equivalent to asking for a ban.

Dire need? Various reasons?

To not fap and make crude sex poses. :v:

rastifan is the site’s founder,.
you can count on that guy when it comes to ero stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Well you’re asking for a digital porn model so go figure…

Give us an example on various reasons kthx

Although, that *was *pretty good. :stuck_out_tongue:

Need it for an RP server, and my friend is making a comic. I have no fucking idea why he needs a nude model for a comic though.

Have your friend get the model from Rastifan’s site then if he wants it so much.