Garrysmod - How Far We've Come (Picture Montage)

I have finished making “Garrysmod - How Far We’ve Come” By Cjmax/MC3carcritic :bubblewoop:

Special thanks to:

The Combine
Rick VIce
The Facepunch Community

(for all those great pictures)

Song: In The Garage/Weezer

Youtube needs to :fuckoff: with this whole audio thing. The song WILL NOT be In The Garage/weezer. :orks:

(It might still be processing, but oh well.)




HOLY CRAP! The audio of “In The Garage” still works on facepunch :smile:

I should have entered, that way we would’ve gotten some tf2 in there.

Well, infact that’s not good. Why ?

Because :
You took only a few members, wich are not really representative of Facepunch’s creativity. Also, in my opinion, half of the pictures are pretty bad.
Also, seems like you just choosed some pictures you didn’t make, put them in Movie Maker, add text… and upload it. So bad point for the effort.

The only good point is the music. (in fact, that’s not even your choice)
It may be a bit rude, but i dont’ think i can do a better criticism of this video. Go watch GarryFR Memory to see what’s a good Picture Compilation movie.

damn those are epic and agreed on every point you made

YAY ive seen my pic on youtube :smiley:
Epic i like the video!

Thanks. :smile:

Dumb x 1

FEAR57 ! What are you doing here ?


What the fuck is that msuic?? It’s like a group of people got some instruments and just started to randomly play them, without any knowledge what so ever

Could’ve just used How Far We’ve Come by Matchbox 20?

I love Weezer but that song is just awful.

How far we’ve come? Not very by the looks of things. Most of those pictures are hardly impressive. I’m not sure I see the point in this video.

Oh well. I tried.

I guess this means I


Yes, yes you do. I expected the beginning to have badly posed pictures from the previous versions of Garry’s Mod, and then the pictures would get better as time goes along, then it would stop at the generic cesspool we have now.

Well than everybody other who made the pics fail too :frowning:


We’ve come far, but this video does not display that.
Fuck we need new ideas.

Maybe we should make a thread were we just put in our ideas!

And than people who like them pose them and the guys who make the idea gets credit for the idea!

Good idea! We need to put this idea into the open so the idea police can make this idea ideal. Get my idea here?

Edit: I think you dont like the idea!

But that idea is more ideal than my idea