Garrysmod In Game Model Change?

**I am hunting for a command that starts with ADD in console and you can change your model in perp like gamemodes to a tree,zombie, etc

Anybody have a clue what it is?

Thank you!**

Well if you really need something like that I guess you could just make it yourself, pretty simple. Go to and search for ent:SetModel(). Also, did you just learn how to use BBCode or something?

Thanks, and No. Did you just learn BBCode? From the looks of it, you just did.

He was referring to how you did the whole post in bold for no particular reason.

Can’t tell if trolling, or retarded.

i am looking for this too… i cant code in lua, i dont want to take all that time to learn all about lua for hours and hours and just make 1 simple thing

i love how nobody replying to pretty much the best thread here