Garrysmod IRC addon?

Is there any kind of addon that allows for some kind of interfacing with an IRC channel/server? I know there is one for Minecraft, I was just wondering if someone had transferred the idea to gmod yet.

There are a few mods out there I believe and something on toybox that whoever using the addon can chat to eachother, but I haven’t really seen a really good one or one that you’re thinking of. Other than that, to my knowledge there isn’t one.

I coded one a while back using the gm_glsock module. It’s pretty beta atm, but it does work (most of the times).

It uses: gm_glsock - Full async sockets so you have to download the module first, and place it in lua/includes/modules/ shortcut
Then download the addons rar and put it in addons, go into IRCModule/lua/autorun/server/sv_socket.lua and change the

IRC.Infotbl = {
	name = "gmod-irc-module",
	email = "derpaherp@derp.herp",
	channel = "#wiremod",
	server = ""

To what you want, when ingame, type “lua_run IRC:Connect()” to connect to the server. When disconnecting type “lua_run IRC:Quit()”

Almost forgot, type “#bla” ingame to write to the irc server. Everyone can chat, and everyone can see the incoming text.

So would this work with a dedicated server? And how does it show-up in the IRC channel, does it show names, etc?

The actual user who types in the IRC is the name you define there, but lets say John types “#Test” ingame, it would appear as: “gmod-irc-module: John: Test”

I have not tested it on a dedicated but I can’t see why it wouldn’t work.