garrysmod is lagging out of control

i cant play garrysmod. the reason:
i have been playing just fine up until yesterday. when i booted it up today to play OCRP, it is lagging out of conrtol (like low framerate).
it played fine yesterday, i dont know what happened to it…

i have tried turning off steam, turning it back on, and none of those worked. i am going to try to un-install garrysmod and re-install it unless one of you people get back to me first.

any fixes?

my computer is more than capable for running it at more than 30 FPS in windowed mode. and yes i tried fullscreening it as well.

Try changing the settings, maybe?

as i said my game plays at the highest settings and still does more than 30 fps.

i did look into that. i did a complete wipe of garrysmod, and set the settings to the lowest possible, and it was still lagging on the menu.

i am testing team fortress 2 now, just to see if its just garrysmod…


its doing it to TF2 as well. there was a graphics card update thing, that may have messed something up. i am restarting my computer now.


i restarted my computer and its working fine.