Garrysmod just straight up won't connect

Okay, so since about a year and a half ago my Garrysmod connection times have gotten longer and longer. When I first bought it they took about 5 minutes. About a year ago it started taking about a half hour, then a half hour per connection and I’d need to connect at least 2 times to get in. Then I had to connect at least 3 times to get into the server.

Each server connect is one request until it times out or just stops connecting without any message. Around 4 months ago it took 3 of those, so more than an hour to connect to games. You can imagine how unbelievably frustrating that’d be. I just stopped trying altogether, because eventually it got so bad that it would connect after 3 time outs, and when I FINALLY got in it would time out after about 40 seconds.

Now I can’t even get in the server. I’ll try connecting 4 times, 5 times even, most of the time it freezes before timing out on the 4th or 5th try. I just can’t play the Multiplayer anymore.

So Facepunch, what do you think is the problem? I really want to get back into Garrysmod but I don’t have a clue how to solve this.

Too many addons? Using DSL?

I have FIOS. But could too many addons really be a bother? I’ll delete/move a few, but I didn’t they were even loading on servers without that addon, just the lists…

I felt that wiping GMod made load times (even online) faster.

Woohoo. Deleted a bunch of useless mods, some small (an SWEP pack or single scripted entity) to gigantic (SBMP). I joined a server in about 15 minutes and played without interruption.

delete addons folder , win hookers