Garrysmod keeps on crashing.

hey Facepunch,
Today I’ve had some major problems with Garrysmod. Yesterday I could play Gmod just fine, singleplayer worked as well as multiplayer, but today I can’t join certain multiplayer games without it crashing to the desktop right as it finishes sending client info. As for singleplayer, certain tools, like the axis tool, fail to function on certain props, and when tried repeatedly, crash the game.

I’ve already tried reinstalling Garrysmod, but I still get this problem. I have no idea what could be causing this, but it’s very irritating loosing a good 30 minutes of work just because I can’t axis props properly, plus I’m getting lonely.

Did you go to your Garys mod folders and delete all of the files or did you just uninstall from steam?

I removed all the files from my garrysmod/garrysmod" folder (after backing up data and some addons), then I removed my “garrysmod” folder from steamapps, then I had Steam uninstall Garrysmod, then I reinstalled it.

I suggest verifying the game cache but you already wiped your gmod and if reinstalling it blank didn’t work I don’t know what will