GarrysMod Killcam ?

i have a garrysmod server with murder instaled and i found a server where they got a killcam plugin ,
i asked them where that they found this becuse it awesome so
does anybody of you know a killcam plugin?

“Works for all gamemodes”

dont link coderhire scripts please

It’s not a crime to suggest quality work

I have a question, why wouldn’t you be allowed to link coderhire scripts?

because theres usually free ones like the gtav deathcam and if you don’t run a server there isn’t a real point to buying addons

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that’s my opinion though

He’s looking for one a different server uses, if the one linked is not the same one, he may not buy it.
But as there is a respectable chance than it is, and it should be shown to the user.
If not, we can suggest other addons known to us, like GTAV Deathcam