Garrysmod | Lethal Justice | Trailer 1

Summary : When a city of distorted crime becomes a madmans sandbox, justice will cross the line at all costs to stop the criminal, permanently.

In other words, I wanted to create a cinematic-actiony trailer and if all goes well with the feedback ill eventually create a short series revolving around a city of crime.

So yeah, all feedback is welcome.


Thanks :slight_smile:

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wow nice trailer. how do you get it to look so smooth?

Thanks :smiley:

And uhm, to get it smooth? I didnt alter anything except the visual effects on the clip. I use fraps. I have a gaming supercomputer though which might be the reason why it isnt choppy or such.

Yeah, nice video. Wish I had a super gaming computer.

Somthing I like in movie trailers is when there’s some sort of background narration. For instance, a breen speech or something going on about how its safer here, while all of your clips show how its not.

Dramatic irony ftw :smiley:

Haha thanks!

What helicopter vehicle did you use? I’ve been looking for one with rotating rotors for ages

I know how that feels, ive spent ages trying to find some before.

no no no, not about the fps. its smooth that it seems like its from a live camera.

I dont quite understand what you mean.

Very Very Very well done, definitely got me wanting more :slight_smile:
I have a super gaming computer as well but fraps only get 20 fps for some reason :frowning:
ATI Radeon 5850 I beleive is my card. 300 dollars :stuck_out_tongue: I need more ram only 4 gig of ddr3 right now.

It’s okay… The scenebuild and camera angles hurt it a bit. It could use a LOT more detail than it has on bigcity. And in addition maybe catmull cameras could have been used more, for example the rocket taking off towards the end was just you moving the camera around and it looked meh.

however I’d like to see how this would turn out as an episodic series – do not in any way feel discouraged by my suggestion, i really would like to see some more

For the rocket take-off, it was actually a addon called Amateur Camera which provided guerilla style filming.

Oh it just looked like you were moving the mouse around lol

:stuck_out_tongue: And for the Catmulls Rom, I didnt quite feel like using them because they felt to slow-paced for me and considering this was a cinematic - action trailer I went for a fast - paced feel.

What the fuck is that thing at 0:30?
Also you should have put the “It’s safer here” to the total end.

4GB is enough, You might have a sucky processor?

Nice video, I liked the music :v:

Combine Mech by Sakarias

you don’t need more ram

What’s your proc?

What FPS do you get when not recording, sometimes you have to experiment with the Fraps FPS.